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Liz Nead Presents ‘Active Leadership: The Climb of My Life!’ – September 10 at The Baker Group

by admin_jennifer | Published September 20, 2019

IFMA Central Iowa members and guests were captivated by Liz Nead’s presentation ‘Active Leadership: The Climb of My Life’!                        A skilled story-teller, Liz’s combination of photos and inspirational description of her journey transported us to her climb of Mt Kilimanjaro.  Liz shared how Sherpas demonstrated awesome leadership skills in making this adventure both achievable and life changing. Liz’s focus points for this presentation are valuable for everyday challenges and personal growth

                                                                                           1. Set a stretch Goal 

                                                                                           2. Everyone wins 

                        3. Buy the ticket

4. Transformation starts now

5. Stretch goals = stretch planning   

                                                                    6. Find the pace of excellence   

7. Passionate partnership is inspiring   

8. All you have is now



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